What are Rights of a Wife: Every Woman Should Know

Rights of a wife

Rights of Wives: This article explains the fundamental rights that wives have. If you don’t know about these rights, this information can be very helpful. We will give a general summary of the different rights that women have and when they can use them.

It’s crucial for every woman to know her rights. Without this knowledge, it’s difficult to make use of those rights. If you want to understand your rights as a wife, please read this article carefully. It will give you a full understanding of the topic.

Rights of wife

The government has given many rights to wives. These rights are important and also include less important things. If any of these rights are not followed, a woman can take legal action. After getting married, women have some extra special rights. These rights are explained below.

Rights of women

Every married woman in India has the right to stridhan. This means that any gift or property received by a woman before or after marriage is rightfully hers. If a woman receives any monetary gifts before or after her marriage, she has full right over those gifts, and her husband or in-laws have no claim over them.

Right to reside in husband’s house

After getting married, a woman has the right to live in her husband’s house, whether it’s rented or inherited. She can live with her husband wherever he is, even if he works or does business in another city.

Right to marriage

Upon getting married, a woman can stay married to her husband for life. If she wants to, her husband can’t marry another woman while she’s alive. Cheating is against the law, and the husband might get in trouble. If the woman is unhappy in the marriage, she can ask the court for a divorce and legal help.

Right to live with dignity and respect

After getting married, a woman has the right to live in her in-laws’ house with respect and dignity. She should be treated with the same respect as other family members. It is not allowed for her husband or his family to mentally or physically torture her. If she experiences abuse or harassment, she can go to court and take legal action. The person who caused the suffering will be punished accordingly.

Right to retain one’s surname

After getting married, it’s common for a woman to change her original surname to her husband’s. But if she wants, she can keep her original surname or use a combination of both. The law allows a woman to pick any surname she wants, and nobody can force her to change it. If the husband or in-laws try to pressure her, she can go to court and defend her right to keep her chosen surname.

Right to annul the marriage if the marriage does not take place

If a man gets married but doesn’t have any physical relationship with his wife, the woman can ask for a divorce. This situation gives her the right to end the marriage. If the husband has affairs outside the marriage, or if the marriage is based on greed for dowry and the wife is not happy, she can complain about her husband. The court can then end the marriage, and the woman can marry someone else.

Husband’s property rights

After getting married, the wife has an equal right to her husband’s property, but only if he earned it himself. If this condition is met, she can’t claim the property directly. If they get divorced, the wife is entitled to half of the husband’s total property, but she needs to make her claim in court. The court will then ensure a fair distribution of the property to the wife.

Right to alimony and maintenance

In the event of divorce, a woman has the right to receive financial support from her husband, known as alimony and maintenance. This support continues until the woman gets married again. If she chooses to remarry, she forfeits the right to receive any further financial support. To secure this support, the woman needs to file a case in court, and the court will decide the amount to be awarded.

Right to divorce her husband

If a woman is unhappy with her husband and wants to divorce him for any reason, she can do so legally. There are specific conditions for this.

  • If the husband repeatedly causes baseless conflicts.
  • If the husband engages in physical or extramarital relations with another woman.
  • If the husband converts to a different religion against the wife’s will.
  • If the husband experiences a period of mental instability.
  • If the husband suffers from incurable diseases such as leprosy or untreatable conditions that lead to untouchability.
  • If the husband subjects the wife to physical or mental torture.
  • If the husband harasses the wife for dowry.

In such cases, the woman can ask for a divorce from her husband by going to court. If the court agrees to the divorce, the marriage is ended by law, and the woman is free to marry someone else if she wants to.

Rights Against Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, many times women are victims of domestic violence. If a woman experiences any form of domestic violence, she can file a complaint. To protect herself from violence, she can go to a women’s court and file a complaint. After the complaint is filed, an investigation will start. If the complaint is found to be true, the people who did it will be punished by law, and the woman can choose to divorce her husband. In these cases, the woman’s rights are completely protected.

Right to Pregnancy or Abortion

A married woman can decide if she wants to be pregnant or not without feeling pressured by others. If she wants to continue with the pregnancy, she doesn’t need permission from her family. On the other hand, if she wants to have an abortion but her husband or in-laws disagree, she can ask the court for permission to have the abortion. It’s important to remember that abortions are only allowed before 24 weeks of pregnancy. After that, the court’s approval is needed for the abortion.

Right to Father’s Property

Traditionally, when a girl got married, she didn’t get any of her father’s property. But this has changed. Now, if a woman wants her share of her father’s property even after getting married, she can get legal help or go to court. Legally, a daughter has the same rights as a son to her father’s property. If a woman wants her share, she can start the process at any time. The court will make sure she gets what she has the right to, and her father or brothers can’t stop her from getting her share.

Does a wife have rights to her father’s property after marriage?

Yes, legally, a daughter has the same rights as a son over her father’s property. If a woman wants to claim her share of her father’s property after marriage, she can seek legal assistance or approach the court.

Can a wife decide on pregnancy or abortion?

Yes, a wife has the right to decide on pregnancy or abortion without pressure from others. However, abortions are generally allowed only before 24 weeks of pregnancy, and court approval may be required beyond that timeframe.

What are the rights against domestic violence?

A woman has the right to file a complaint against domestic violence. If the complaint is proven, the perpetrators can be legally punished, and the woman may choose to divorce her husband.

What is alimony and maintenance?

Alimony and maintenance are financial compensations that a woman is entitled to receive from her husband after divorce. This compensation is provided until the woman remarries.

Can a wife divorce her husband?

Yes, a wife has the right to divorce her husband under certain conditions, such as repeated baseless conflicts, physical or extramarital relations with another woman, forced conversion of religion, mental instability, incurable diseases, physical or mental torture, or dowry harassment.


In this article, we have provided valuable information regarding the rights of a wife. We hope that you find this information useful. If you appreciate the content, we encourage you to share it on social media and with anyone who may benefit from it. For any queries or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment.

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