What Can You Do With Used Water Filters Instead of Discarding Them

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Today, we’ll be sharing some eco-friendly ideas on what to do with (Used Water Filters) old water filters. Because while water filtration systems help reduce plastic waste and are a sustainable alternative to water in plastic bottles, water filters have also created some environmental problems.

Most consumers don’t know what to do with their old water filters other than tossing them in the trash, which results in more waste piling up in landfills. That’s why some important information has been shared through this article, definitely read the article till the end. let’s get started.

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Discover eco-friendly solutions for old water filters. Learn how to clean and reuse them, find recycling options, or repurpose them creatively. Reduce plastic waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Explore FAQs and proper disposal methods in our comprehensive guide.

What happens to old water filters after they are thrown away?

If you throw old water filters in the trash, they will end up with other trash in your household. Unfortunately, only a few recycling facilities will be able to recycle water filters, so they will likely end up in landfills.

And while most water filters contain no toxic chemicals that can harm the environment, their housing, and other interior parts are non-biodegradable and will remain in landfills for years to come.

What are water filters made of?

Most water filters have a filtering component (made of carbon, plastic, etc.) and are held together with a plastic or metal casing, depending on their manufacturer. For example, Brita water filters are made of polypropylene, while EverPure filters contain aluminum. This is why water filters are difficult to recycle because they require different recycling methods depending on their composition.

Best eco-friendly ways to dispose of old water filters

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Clean and Reuse Old Water Filters

Reusing old water filters is one of the best things you can do. Depending on the type of water filter you use, cleaning and reusing them may be a viable option. There are many types of water filters. Here are some of the most commonly used.

1 Activated Carbon Water Filter System

Activated carbon, also known as activated carbon granules or AC, is the most commonly used home water filter. It is based on charcoal made by burning wood and other materials in a low oxygen supply. Activated carbon water filters are great for removing many common impurities in water, including chlorine-based chemicals, pesticides, and industrial solvents. However, it quickly gets clogged with impurities and must be changed regularly.

2 Reverse osmosis water filter system

You will need this type of water filter if your water contains arsenic or other dangerous compounds. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters effectively remove dissolved inorganic contaminants from water through a semipermeable membrane, and filter out everything larger than a water particle.

However, these types of water filters require electrically powered pumps to generate water pressure to force the water through the membrane, which costs money to run. And unfortunately, reverse osmosis systems generate a considerable amount of wastewater. Still, reverse osmosis is great at providing safe drinking water for your home.

3 Ion Exchange Water Filter System

Ion exchange filters are made with lots of zeolite beads that contain sodium ions. In Layman’s terms, zeolites are solid particles with a relatively open, three-dimensional crystal structure composed of the elements aluminum, oxygen and silicon, as well as molecules of alkali or alkaline-earth metals (such as sodium, potassium and magnesium) and water. There are ,

This type of water filter traps incoming magnesium and calcium ions, making the water taste softer and more pleasant. However, ion-exchange filtration needs to be periodically recharged with more sodium ions, usually by adding a special salt.

Knowing the water filter you are using will tell you whether you can reuse them. For starters, a water filter can be freshened up by using activated charcoal in some capacity. You can open the water filter cartridge and add fresh activated charcoal. Activated charcoal can be purchased or made by drying and processing coconut husks at high temperatures.

Find ways to recycle old water filters

Old Water Filter

Explore recycling options for used water filters

Can water filters be recycled? The short answer is yes.

Although recycling options for water filters are currently limited, there are several ways in which you can recycle them. So, how can water filters be recycled? Some water filter manufacturers allow consumers to return their empty cartridges, which are then reused for producing new filters. For example, Brita and PUR have partnered with TerraCycle to handle the recycling of their old water filters.

TerraCycle is a recycling and upcycling company dedicated to repurposing “non-recyclable” products into new affordable and innovative items. If you are unable to return your old water filters to the manufacturer for recycling, there are alternative options to consider. Third-party entities like Recycle Water Filters accept the recycling of used and old water filters.

They accept various types of water filters, including:

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
  • Carbon Water Filters
  • Drinking-Water Filters
  • Sediment Water Filters
  • Well Water Filters
  • Refrigerator Water Filters

They also provide recycling services for Samsung and Frigidaire water filters. Furthermore, they accept water filters from almost all brands, including Brita, PUR, Whirlpool, Culligan, and more. Additionally, you can search online for phrases like “water filter recycling near me” to explore further options. While it may require some extra effort on your part, finding different avenues for recycling water filters is an excellent way to reduce the plastic waste generated by discarded filter cartridges.

Learn to repurpose and upcycle old water filters

Similar to repurposing old coffee makers, another eco-friendly approach for used water filters is to repurpose them.

Create home decor and crafts using old water filters

Instead of adding to plastic waste, you can utilize old water filter cartridges to enhance your home decor. To get you started, here’s an easy way to repurpose a water purifier filter and a plastic food container into a DIY home decor item.

Make flower vase using old water filters

If you plan to add flowers or plants to your home, you can skip purchasing a new vase. Instead, you can repurpose an old water filter to create a beautiful DIY flower vase.

Make bird feeder with old water filter cartridges

In addition to repurposing wine bottles into bird feeders, you can use old water filter cartridges to feed the birds in your neighborhood. Simply stack several old cartridges on top of each other and secure them with glue. Then, drill a hole at the bottom to provide access.

Conclusion on Proper Disposal of Used Water Filters

We hope this article has provided you with some ideas on how to handle used water filters in an environmentally responsible manner, rather than discarding them in the trash. You can choose to reuse, recycle, or repurpose them. Finding appropriate methods to dispose of old water filters in an eco-friendly way is essential since the environmental impact of bottled water is significantly greater than that of filtered water. If you don’t already have a water filter system and are considering getting one (or replacing your current one), we recommend choosing a brand that prioritizes recycling. Congratulations on taking the initiative to learn how to dispose of your old water filters without harming the planet.

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Q: What should I do with my old water filters?

A: Instead of throwing them in the trash, there are several eco-friendly options for handling old water filters. You can consider cleaning and reusing them, recycling them through designated programs or third-party entities, or repurposing them for DIY projects.

Q: Can I recycle my old water filters?

A: Yes, water filters can be recycled. Some manufacturers offer recycling programs where you can return your used filters to be reused. Additionally, there are third-party recycling services available for various types and brands of water filters.

Q: How can I clean and reuse my old water filters?

A: The ability to clean and reuse water filters depends on the type and condition of the filter. For activated carbon filters, you can open the cartridge and add fresh activated charcoal to rejuvenate its filtering capabilities. Other filters may require specific cleaning methods, so it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek guidance.

Q: Are all water filters recyclable?

A: While water filters can be recycled, not all recycling facilities are equipped to handle them. Different filters have varying compositions, such as plastic or metal casings, and may require specific recycling methods. It’s important to check with recycling programs or services to determine if your specific filter is accepted.

Q: How can I find recycling options for my water filters?

A: You can explore recycling options by contacting the manufacturer of your water filter to inquire about their recycling programs. Additionally, third-party entities like Recycle Water Filters accept various types and brands of water filters for recycling. Online searches using keywords like “water filter recycling near me” can also provide additional options.

Q: What can I repurpose old water filters for?

A: Repurposing old water filters offers creative possibilities. They can be used for DIY home decor, such as making flower vases or bird feeders. The filters can be incorporated into crafts and projects where their unique shape and materials can add an interesting touch.

Q: Why is it important to properly dispose of old water filters?

A: Proper disposal of old water filters is crucial for environmental reasons. When filters end up in landfills, their non-biodegradable components remain for extended periods, contributing to waste accumulation. By reusing, recycling, or repurposing them, you can help reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability.

Q: Are there any specific brands that prioritize recycling of water filters?

A: Yes, some water filter brands, such as Brita and PUR, have partnered with recycling companies like TerraCycle to prioritize the recycling of their filters. It’s advisable to choose brands that actively support recycling initiatives when selecting a water filter system.

Q: How does recycling water filters help reduce plastic waste?

A: Recycling water filters diverts them from landfills and allows for the recovery of valuable materials. By recycling, the plastic and other components can be reused to produce new filters or other products, reducing the demand for new resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Q: What is the ecological impact of bottled water compared to filtered water?

A: The ecological footprint of bottled water is significantly larger than that of filtered water. Bottled water production requires substantial amounts of energy, contributes to plastic pollution, and has a negative impact on ecosystems. Opting for filtered water helps reduce plastic waste and promotes sustainability.