What Documents are required to make money from YouTube and How to Create Channel?

YouTube channel
YouTube channel

What documents are needed to earn money from YouTube: To earn money from YouTube, you just need to create a YouTube channel. YouTube is a super popular platform with over 10 million users, which is almost a third of the world’s population. Lots of people are curious about how to create a channel on YouTube.

YouTube is a huge platform for sharing videos and it’s the second biggest search engine in the world. Lots of people use it every day to find information. About one billion people watch YouTube videos every day. If you want to share your skills with others, starting a channel on YouTube is a great idea.

What Documents are required to make money from YouTube?

When you start a YouTube channel, you don’t need special papers, but you have to give your email, phone number, and basic details about your channel. Once your channel can make money and reaches the payment limit, you’ll need some documents like proof of address, PAN card number, and bank details or a canceled check. Without these documents, you can’t get paid.

Legal identification: A valid form of government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, is required for verification and tax purposes.

Tax information: Depending on your location and tax regulations, you may need to provide tax information to comply with revenue reporting requirements.

Bank account details: To receive payments, you need to link a bank account to your YouTube account for the transfer of funds.

AdSense account: You’ll need to set up an AdSense account to receive payments from YouTube. This involves providing bank account information, tax details, and ensuring compliance with AdSense policies.

Compliance with YouTube Partner Program terms: Meeting the eligibility criteria for the YouTube Partner Program, including adhering to monetization policies and community guidelines.

What is YouTube

YouTube is a free platform for watching videos. You can easily watch videos online and upload your own. It was created in February 2005 by three former employees and was bought by Google in 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

What is the history of YouTube

YouTube was created in mid-February 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Harley, Steve Chan, and Jawed Karim. They worked at PayPal but were laid off. They then started a new company in San Bruno called YouTube. This company let people share their own videos, like movie clips, TV shows, and music videos. In October 2006, Google said it would buy YouTube for $1.65 billion, and the deal was finished on November 14, 2006.

What is YouTubeA platform for watching and sharing videos.
History of YouTubeFounded in 2005 by former PayPal employees, acquired by Google in 2006.
Creating a YouTube ChannelSign in with a Google account, set up channel name, profile picture, etc.
Customizing Your ChannelAdding logo, banner, intro, about us section, links, and @handler.
SEO of YouTube VideoTips for video title, thumbnail, keywords, and website/blog URL.
Qualification for YouTube Partner ProgramCompliance with monetization policies, channel criteria, and AdSense.
Earning Potential on YouTubeAdSense, brand promotion, product promotion, and affiliate marketing.
Terms and ConditionsAvoiding copyright issues, inappropriate content, and following guidelines.
Growing YouTube Channel SubscribersSteps to create a YouTube-focused social media page.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

You do not get a separate account creation website to create a YouTube channel, but if you already have your own smug account or obscure face, then you can use that account to sign in to YouTube with the same Gmail ID of the YouTube channel. Can also be made with help.

Go to YouTube official website

You have to search YouTube’s official website www.youtube.com in any site on your computer or phone. open it there.

Login to account

Once YouTube’s website is open on your device, you will see a “Sign In” button at the top, click on it. At the same time, to get further access, you will have to login to your Gmail ID.

Tap on your channel

You do not need to create a separate account to create a Youtube channel, but if you already have your Google account i.e. Gmail ID, then you can use that account to sign in on YouTube, while the Gmail ID With the help, you can also create a channel on YouTube.

Create Channel Name

Your creative journey begins A window will open. Here you click on the start button. You will need to check both “Use your name” and “Use custom name” on the next screen. If you are creating a channel with your own name then choose the first option and if you are creating a channel with your brand name then choose the second option.

Set your profile picture

After setting the YouTube channel name and brand you will see below, click on the “Create” button, as soon as you click, your YouTube page is created as a channel. In which you can set Profile Picture as per your choice. Along with this, you have to enter channel description, website link and social profile. After submission, click on the Save & Continue button.

Customize Your Channel

If you want to create your own channel and attractions, click on “Customize Channel”. Here you will find lots of options using which you can further customize your as per your requirements.

Create a logo for your YouTube channel according to your channel name! If you do not know how to make a logo, then you can search on this topic on the Internet. There are many apps that will help you do this.

You have to make a banner for your channel, so well design the channel banner for your Youtube channel. Make channel banner size 2560px X 1440px, it looks beautiful. You can use some free apps or software to make banners.

YouTube channel intro

You must have seen that all professional YouTube channels definitely put their video intro. The intro of the channel should contain both the logo and name of the channel, while it should not be too long, the music should not be too loud.

About us section of YouTube channel

In YouTube channel, you have to enter the section about your channel, here you can put some information about your channel, what type of content you upload and also some information about your topic.

You must give links to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, website etc. on your channel. So that people will follow you on YouTube as well as on other social media platforms.

YouTube channel @handler

YouTube channel handler, it’s very similar to Twitter handler. And this is also true because there are many channels with the same name which can be difficult to identify. This new feature of youtube makes youtube channel handler unique to all.

How to do SEO of YouTube video?

Let us now know about some such tips which will help you a lot in SEO of YouTube videos. And you can rank your video on Google 1st page.

Video title should match your video: Since it’s the first thing a viewer sees, if your video title is catchy, someone might try to watch your video.

Make the thumbnail attractive: The thumbnail gives an idea of ​​what content is going to be found in the video. That’s why make Thumbnail good. At the same time, the design of Thumbnail’s image has to be chosen properly, so that people find it attractive.

Use focus keywords: Keywords should be used multiple times in your video description, while other keywords should only be used once or twice.

Add the URL of your website or blog in the description: Remember, you should put the URL of your article in the video description so that people can also know about your website.

Minimum Qualifications for YouTube Partnership

To become a YouTube Partner, you need to meet certain requirements, such as:

  1. Creating original videos suitable for monetization
  2. Complying with all YouTube monetization policies
  3. Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available
  4. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months
  5. Have more than 1,000 subscribers

Can YouTube channel make good money?

yes of course. Apart from adsense from YouTube Channel, you can also earn from Brand Promotion, Product Promotion, Affiliate Marketing etc., so you should always target the same Niche Audience.

YouTube channel terms and conditions

I have found that many people create a YouTube channel, but later it gets deleted due to some mistakes. At the same time, some people’s Adsense gets disabled. I think the main reason for this is not following Youtube’s guidelines properly. YouTube guidelines that must be followed.

  • Never upload someone else’s video or you may get a copyright strike.
  • No nudity or sexual content of any kind should ever be promoted or used.
  • Your video should not hurt anyone’s religion or caste.
  • Always follow all YouTube guidelines exactly.

In this post “How to make YouTube channel”, I have given you information about creating a YouTube channel. If you liked this post, then share this post. You can give us your valuable suggestions by commenting.

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How to grow YouTube Channel Subscriber?

Creating a social media page specifically for YouTube-related content can be a great way to engage with fellow YouTube enthusiasts and promote your favorite channels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create a YouTube social media page:

Choose a social media platform: Start by picking a social media platform for your YouTube-centric page. You can go with popular options like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and also consider platforms like Pinterest or TikTok based on your preferences and target audience.

Set up your account: If you don’t have one already, create a new account on your chosen social media platform and fill in the necessary information to set up your profile.

Name your page: Select a name for your YouTube social media page that clearly represents its purpose. You can use keywords like “YouTube,” “videos,” or “channels” to make it evident to your audience.

Customize your profile: Add a profile picture that symbolizes your YouTube social media page, like an icon or logo. Write a short and captivating bio explaining your page’s focus and the kind of content you share.

Add relevant information: Include links to your favorite YouTube channels in the bio or dedicated sections of your social media page. You can also provide a brief introduction to each channel or explain why you enjoy their content.

Share YouTube content: Regularly post videos, trailers, or updates from different YouTube channels. You can embed YouTube videos directly into your social media posts or use the platform’s tools to link to the videos.

Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages from your followers. Encourage discussions about the videos and channels you share, and ask for recommendations or opinions to boost engagement.

Collaborate and feature creators: Get in touch with YouTube creators whose content you enjoy and ask if they’d like to collaborate with you or be featured on your social media page. This can help you build relationships with creators and attract more followers to your page.

Promote your page: Share your YouTube social media page with friends, fellow YouTube enthusiasts, and relevant communities. Use hashtags and keywords related to YouTube and your page’s focus to increase its discoverability.

Track insights and adjust strategies: Many social media platforms offer analytics tools to track your page’s performance. Keep an eye on engagement, reach, and audience demographics to understand what content resonates best. Modify your strategies accordingly to improve your page’s popularity.

Remember to respect copyright laws and adhere to the guidelines and terms of service of both YouTube and the social media platform you choose. Enjoy building and curating content on your YouTube social media page!

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