What is Lubricant, Types of Lubrication on the Basis of Use

What is lubricant, the types of lubrication system, depending on the use, how many types of lubrication are there. You will also know the benefits of using lubricant. If you have any question related to lubrication system, then you must tell us by commenting.

What is lubricant

Substances that reduce the friction created by moving between two metals are called lubrications. A thin layer of lubrication is applied between the surface of the two metals, so that the two metals are not in direct contact.

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Types of lubrication

  • Liquid – These come in Mobil Oil.
  • Solid – This lubrication contains lead and soapstone.
  • Semi-Solid – It is grease.

Liquid – These come in Mobil Oil.

Mobil Oil – This oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine. It is also used in air cleaners, dynamos and car engines.

Mobil oil is used as per SAE rating. SAE ratings move by season. In cold climates, a lower SAE rating oil is used.

Gear oil – This oil is slightly thicker than engine oil. It is used in gear.

Solids – Lead and soapstone come in this lubrication.

Dry solid lubricant has an excellent lubricating property. For smooth surfaces there is a dry lubricant. It is used for press fit, punching, stamping and cold or hot forming, for relays and switches, fits

Semi-solid – It is grease.

The use of grease oil is much more common. For example, we use grease in bearings, shafts, wheels, hubs, etc.

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Properties of lubrication

  • Viscosity – The rate of flow of any fluid is called viscosity. The viscosity of water is very low, so it flows easily while the viscosity of oil is higher than that of water.
  • Oil – Keeping any surface wet and greasy is called oiliness.
  • Fire Point – The temperature at which a lubricating oil heats up and starts burning is called the fire point of the lubricant.

Benefits of lubrication

  • This minimizes leakage between the two parts.
  • Lubrication prevents the increase in temperature and volume of the rubbing parts.
  • Works to reduce noise caused by friction.
  • Lubrication also prevents rusting.

Types of lubrication systems based on use

Splash lubrication system – In this lubrication system, oil is sprayed. When the engine starts, oil is sprayed by the crank shaft from the oil chamber to all engine parts and pistons.

Forced feed lubrication system – An oil pump is fitted in this system. The job of the oil pump is to lubricate the entire system with oil by sending the oil filled in the oil chamber to the oil gallery under pressure.

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Parts in lubrication system

Oil Sump – This Oil Sump is placed under the engine. It is filled with oil inside.

Stainer – It is attached to the Oil Sump Pump. Its main function is to filter the oil kept in the oil sump and take it to the oil pump.

Oil Pump – Oil is drawn from it and sent to the oil gallery. The oil pump has two ports. One inlet port and the other outlet port. Enters the inlet pump from the inlet port. Oil comes out in the outlet port.

Oil Filter – It filters the oil. Due to collision of engine parts, their small fine particles of oil reach the oil sump. In which the oil needs to be filtered. This is why we use oil filters. There are three types of oil filters. Cartridge type, Edge type and Safetyfugal type.

Oil pressure gauge – It is used to tell the oil pressure.

Types of oil are used in lubrication.

  • Vane type oil pumps – They are cylindrical. It has two ports. The first is called the inlet and the second is called the outlet port. There is a drum inside it. When the engine rotates, the drum also rotates. Due to which the oil is pulled out of the outlet port by the outlet pressure. Then it goes to the oil gallery.
  • Plunger type oil pump – It moves up and down with the body of the plunger pump. When it goes up, oil comes in and when it goes down, oil comes out.
  • Gear type oil pump – This pump is fitted under the engine. A spiral gear is made on the cam shaft which is connected to the oil pump. This pump has two gears.
  • While the engine is running, the pump connected to the chemical shaft also rotates. And both the gears start rotating. Oil enters the inlet port. and exits the outlet port.
  • Rotor Type Pump – It also works like a gear pump. It uses two rotors instead of gears. The first is called the inner rotor and the second is called the outer rotor.
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The inner rotor is fitted inside the outer rotor. It works completely like a gear oil pump, when the engine rotates, the rotor also rotates, and the oil is sent under pressure to the oil gallery.

So friends, in this article the questions related to lubrication system are answered “What are lubricants? Why lubricant oil is used in machine “, If you still have any question related to lubrication system, then you must tell us by commenting. Like and follow our social media page. Good information in easy-to-understand language.

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