What is RPM: Torque and RPM at many places. What is the difference between these two?

What is RPM, what is the difference between RPM and Torque? When talking about a motor or talking about an engine, at that time we get to hear both the words Torque and RPM at many places. What is the difference between these two? We will know this one by one.

What is RPM?

The full name of RPM is Rotation Per Minute and in many places it is also called Revolution Per Minute. The meaning of RPM is different in both motor and bike. Diesel Generator: DG Parts and their Functioning – Everything You Need to Know!

What is rpm in car motor?

For example, let’s say we have a motor right now and we know that this motor has a rotor in the middle. And when we supply power to this motor, it makes the rotor of our motor rotate round and round.

Now how many times this rotor is rotating in 1 minute, we call it RPM. That is, the number of times the rotor of our motor rotates in a minute is called the RPM of this motor.

If a motor can make only one revolution in 1 minute, then you will say that the RPM of that motor is 1. And if a motor rotates 100 times in 1 minute, then the RPM of that motor will be 100.

A good quality motor is around 1000-2000RPM i.e., the rotor of the motor rotates 1000-2000 in every 1 minute.

Know the RPM in case of bike and car.

Whenever we talk about a car or a bike, the number of revolutions of the tire in one minute is RPM. But, whenever we talk about a bike or a car, the number of times the engine inside the car rotates in 1 minute is called the RPM of the vehicle.

Many vehicles are fitted with RPM meters, which tell us at what RPM our vehicle is running. What is shown in the RPM meter tells the speed of the engine.

What is Torque?

Torque is very easy to understand, if ever you want to answer it in just one word, you can say torque is the twisting force.

What is twisting force? The twisting force acting on the object is known as torque.

For example, suppose there is a box in front of you, and you are pushing that box forward, then due to this box pressure, the box will move in a straight direction. Means an object is moving in a straight line.

But if we talk about what is Torque?

Let’s go back to the previous example with a box. In that example, our box that was doing linear motion. But if we apply pressure on some object, it starts rotating in a circle instead of moving with linear motion, then it is called rotational motion.

When we apply pressure on an object, and by applying pressure, that object rotates, that is, does not move in a straight direction, then the force exerted on that object at that time is called torque.

Whenever we talk about an engine or a motor, we do not talk about force there. This is not done because both the engine and the motor move in the direction of rotation. That’s why we use the word torque here.

Hope today you have got answers to many questions related to RPM, Torque. If you have any question in your mind, then you must tell us by commenting.

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