Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems: Why my WordPress Website is Slow?

Is Your WordPress Website Slow: In this post, we will learn how to fix the most common WordPress hosting problems and understand why my WordPress website is slow.

WordPress hosting is a dependable platform for websites, but it has typical problems. You’ll face these issues when you start using it. Knowing the nature of these problems will make it easier to handle them correctly.

Even when working on a basic CMS function, issues can crop up and disrupt the website’s smooth operation. This can be frustrating for beginners who may struggle to resolve the problems.

It’s the technical part of managing the server that’s causing the issues, and it needs to be fixed soon by the expert team. The problems don’t come from conflicting plugins, hacked sites, or unreliable themes, but from other sources.

This is where the experts can help you directly in the field and adjust the technical details more effectively. Review common scenarios and gather ideas to understand the necessary steps when facing such issues.

Slow loading server issue affecting WordPress

No matter how well you make a WordPress page load quickly, it can still become slow. How can you fix this? First, check the configuration and the plugins that come with the theme. Also, make sure to look for any errors on the website.

This will make it easier to find the main server problem and solve it from the root so it doesn’t happen again. Server issues make pages load slowly. People like to use websites that load quickly, and if it’s slow, they may not come back. If it takes more than three seconds, the website might lose customers and money.

  • Poor website optimization
  • Slow site server
  • Slow loading of external scripts

In the second scenario, plugins and scripts from the website or other third-party sites can also make it slower. Therefore, one must be cautious when adding random plugins and extensions to the website.

How to fix slow loading website?

Check the hosting service’s tools for the online server status. Most services have a dedicated page to show the live server status. If there’s an issue, contact the customer support team for assistance.

If the page is slow, it might be because another website is affecting the main site. The website service person will recommend upgrading to a better VPS service to make sure the web pages are not slow.

You don’t need to worry about the server being down. Just check the bandwidth next. It might be because there’s a lot of traffic to the server. To fix that, monitor the bandwidth from the hosting server’s admin panel.

If PHP versions don’t match, it can cause ongoing issues. This can slow down themes, plugins, and WordPress. It’s best to use the latest PHP version from your hosting panel to keep your hosting server and website running smoothly. You can ask your server support team for help with this.

Poor quality of servers

Poor quality or unstable servers can make it hard to use a website. When a website is not available, it makes users less likely to visit again.

If a small business website gets a lot of visitors and then suddenly becomes slow and crashes, it reflects poorly on the business and its website. This is usually because the servers are not stable.

How to fix Poor quality of servers?

To solve this issue, you can use a multi-container server system for better uptime. This technological advance can help manage traffic surges and automatically use tools to keep website servers running smoothly.

By using multiple load balanced containers, sites can be duplicated so that even if an outage occurs, the site remains in good condition. It is better to use firewalls and SSL certificates which are supposed to be used by every hosting server by default with its security measures.

Email not sending problem.

Website owners like to use email addresses that show the brand of the website. They make sure this is available when they buy hosting for the site.

The usual website addresses should be linked to the email platform. This will improve sales leads, start communication with new customers, and keep their attention for longer.

However, if there’s an issue with sending emails smoothly, it means we could lose potential customers through online marketing.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to attract visitors and be prepared to respond quickly via email on your website.

“Email marketing is important for any business, no matter its size.”

How to fix Email not sending problem?

First, send several emails to the business email address. If you don’t see any new emails in the inbox, it may be because the inbox is full. In that case, you’ll need to adjust some settings on the server.

You often need to send messages to email addresses with specific domain names from someone’s account. Before doing this, it’s important to check the settings in the email before forwarding it. This is especially important if you’re using a third-party tool like Microsoft Outlook.

The hosting email will be listed with the active emails. The hosting admin settings can manage the email account. You can also access a web version of the email inbox to easily receive emails.

However, if you can’t find an email list, you should get in touch with the support team. They can help you make the required changes to the email server.

Uncertainty of service cost

As there are lots of web hosting companies, make sure to carefully check the prices and ensure that they fit your business needs. Also, check the details of the hosting service plan to make sure you’re not paying too much.

If the hosting provider is good, it should be clear about its prices and offer affordable options for businesses of all sizes. You can choose to pay monthly or annually based on your needs. The hosting plan should be suitable for the growth of your website’s traffic.

Furthermore, you can choose an advanced plan from web hosting providers that will meet your business needs and handle occasional increases in site traffic.

Depending on how many people visit your website, you might want to consider paying more for better quality. With the best hosting companies, you can request a custom plan and review its features before you buy it.

How to deal with Uncertainty of service cost?

When choosing a hosting service, it’s important to consider its credibility and reputation in the region. This ensures that you’ll receive guidance from experts and have access to the features included in your package.

The clear pricing helps you choose a reliable service. If you’re unsure about how fast your site will grow, consider a plan that fits your business needs. Look for companies offering plans based on your actual needs.

No prompt customer support

Poor customer support can be a problem with hosting providers. It can take a long time to solve WordPress hosting issues, and the email support is slow because it’s based on a ticket system.

Customers shouldn’t have to deal with the technical stuff of the hosting server. There should be fast customer support to handle it well. A helpful customer support team is crucial for getting the right guidance and running the hosting service smoothly.

Some benefits of customer support

There’s nothing better than talking to an agent live and helping them solve the problem or get advice immediately.

When dealing with VPS issues, our team can provide better guidance to help you resolve the problem.

Continuous website monitoring is crucial, and the team should offer timely technical support to fix any issues that arise.

Furthermore, it’s often possible to face problems with WordPress hosting servers, and it should be simple to get in touch with customer support whenever needed.


Before you trust a company, reach out to their support team to understand how they can help you with any problems. If they can provide ongoing monitoring of hosting servers and relieve your stress, then they are worth investing in.

WordPress is highly rated for business websites. Its hosting plans offer automation and functionality, but hosting issues are common.

Contact experts for technical support when these issues arise. Understanding these common problems can help you manage them effectively.

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