Why You Should Always Boil Your Brats in Beer?

Why You Should Always Boil Your Brats in Beer?

Beer-Bathed Brats: Grilling a bratwurst without a beer bath is frowned upon by seasoned campers, who believe it enhances flavor and simplifies cooking. Chef Jim Mumford supports this method, explaining that boiling brats in beer helps the casing compact and reduces sausage juice flare-ups during grilling. This approach also speeds up the grilling process and enhances the flavor. When selecting beer for boiling, an inexpensive classic microbrew is recommended.

Why Boiling Your Brats in Beer is the Ultimate Game-Changer for Your Grill

Grilling a bratwurst without first giving it a beer bath is practically a culinary crime. The consensus among seasoned campers is clear: never place a brat directly on the grill without first soaking it in beer. This lesson, learned firsthand during a recent camping trip, has left an indelible mark, alongside a newfound awareness of the perils of tick bites. It seems unanimous among my camping companions that the only absurd thing to do with brats is to grill them as is.

As a casual bratwurst preparer, the notion of marinating the sausages in beer before grilling didn’t immediately come to mind. Is the act of boiling brats in beer before grilling a departure from the traditional Midwest upbringing?

Flavorful Benefits of Beer-Boiled Sausages and Brats

Renowned chef and cookbook author, Jim Mumford, highlights the practicality of boiling brats in beer. According to him, this method helps the collagen casing to compact, reducing the risk of sausage juice flare-ups during grilling, ultimately simplifying the entire process.

Moreover, simmering brats in beer for ten to twelve minutes until they reach an internal temperature of around 145 degrees streamlines the grilling process. “Boiling brats accelerates grilling since the sausage is fully cooked, allowing you to simply sear them before serving,” explains Mumford. “It also ensures a more flavorful result.” Contrary to popular belief, boiling brats before grilling only compromises their flavor if they are sliced or altered in some way.

“In terms of flavor,” Mumford adds, “as long as the brat remains intact, the delectable sausage juices (i.e., fat) are retained, while the exterior absorbs a delightful malty flavor from the beer.” This holds true when the brat is left whole.

The Ideal Beer for Your Beer Bath

Now, the question arises: what type of beer is best for bratwurst boiling? My camping comrades advised to “opt for something inexpensive,” a sentiment fully supported by Mumford. He recommends a classic microbrew as the top choice. “Any subtle nuances from a craft beer will be lost during boiling or overshadowed by the flavor of the brats, so economize here,” recommends the author.

The verdict is in: boiling brats in beer before grilling is definitely the way to go. And if time is of the essence, Mumford suggests an excellent alternative: fully grilling the brats and savoring them with a cold beer in hand.

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