8 kitchen compost containers that aren’t utterly nasty

kitchen compost container

Composting is a fantastic process, but it’s not always attractive. I’ve emptied my compost container to discover nasty mould, insects, and nose-scrunching aromas.

While composting is a science that needs some trial and error, a nice compost container surely helps. Unfortunately, bins aren’t often the loveliest or prettiest appearing items, and yet for the kitchen compost bins are supposed to take up prime real estate on your countertop appearances are everything—especially when you’re living in a smaller place, like an apartment.

In this scenario, you’ll want to pick one that isn’t an eyesore and nevertheless satisfies utilitarian objectives. We’ve picked up 8 adorable kitchen compost containers, so you don’t have to.

Norpro Ceramic Floral Compost Keeper

This compost container resembles a crock for sugar or flour.
This ceramic kitchen compost bin from Norpro adds an exquisite addition to your countertop with its blue paintings of butterflies and vegetation. The ceramic material itself is polished but simple to wipe clean when you empty it out. It imitates a crock for flour or sugar, helping your compost throwaways blend right in. The bin’s lid includes a place for a filter and the stainless steel handle is handy for transporting it around.

Five Two Down-to-Earth Compost Bin

Keep lots of leftovers inside this Food52 bin.
This broad bin from Food 52’s brand of home items is delightfully squat and boasts to contain days and days’ worth of leftovers. The larger form allows sloughing items off the cutting board much simpler. The container will prevent smells from escaping and is 100 per cent recyclable after you’re done using it. This model doesn’t include a filter or biodegradable bags, but you might choose to use bags regardless. It’s simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and can fit on the countertop or in the freezer with ease. You’ll want to keep this around long term.

Scrap Happy Scrap Collector & Freezer Compost Bin

Keep this container in your freezer.
Sometimes while I’m slicing vegetables or preparing a smoothie, I bring my compost bin out and place it right near my kitchen gear. I’ll even put it in the sink and simply wipe food crumbs off the counter so they drop in. It’s half convenience and part laziness, but it definitely is a time-saving!

This open-top compost container is great for individuals who have leftovers regularly or who are concerned about aromas escaping. This container may hang on the side of the sink or cabinet, but is really meant to dwell in your freezer. You may fill it with vegetable scraps and store them up for a pot of homemade veggie broth or just put your compost in the freezer to keep smells and pests away until it’s time to move the leftovers to an outside site.

Utopia Compost Bin

This stainless steel container gets the job done.
This black bin is manufactured from stainless steel and is both robust and stylish. The bin can contain 1.3 gallons of food scraps and organic debris, so you won’t have to empty it too frequently. The integrated charcoal filters natural capture odour in the bin, preventing it from flooding your kitchen. This bin also features a robust handle to allow moving the leftovers to your bigger bin pleasant and simple.

Package Free Compost Bin Container

This basic bin won’t discolour or absorb smells.
This compost container from Package Free Shop has over 250 reviews and an almost 5-star rating. It’s not extravagant, but it’s basic and unassuming—both of which are ideal attributes for a compost bin. The stainless steel material won’t discolour or absorb foods or odours. You may preserve the blank slate design, or add stickers or paint to modify the compost bin’s appearance. The bin also contains removable cotton and activated charcoal filter to help guard against smells.


The Pela transforms your organic trash into the soil.
The Lomi bin is more than simply a collecting site; its sophisticated technology will really transform your organic trash into the soil in a matter of hours. While it’s more costly than a non-automated compost bin, it’s attractive, useful, and particularly handy for folks who don’t have a place for a bigger composter outdoors. This bin appears like any other kitchen gadget but will transform your food waste into reusable soil without taking up more than a square foot of counter space. We are presently checking this tiny gadget out to see how it performs!

Joseph Joseph Comp Caddy

You may hang this plastic container from a door or wall.
This rectangular bin is tiny, so it can fit next to the toaster, a stack of cookbooks, or even on a cabinet shelf. Additionally, the bin may be hung from the wall or a door, which saves even more room. The container is constructed of plastic, which means you don’t have to worry about knocking it over or dropping it—which is more common than you’d think in the whole process of composting. The interior half of the lid also features a sliding air filter so you can modify how much airflow the bin has, as well as keep the smells in the bin and out of your house.

Bamboozle Countertop Compost Bin

This Bamboozle bin is dishwasher-safe.
The lightweight Bamboozle compost bin is immensely recognised for its bamboo fibre composition and trendy appearance. The bin is basic with a wooden handle and three colour options: black, terracotta, and cream. This is the bin I use in my kitchen every day, and while I have the cream colour, I suggest the other selections since the material does stain from various fruits and vegetables. One of my favourite elements of the Bamboozle bin is that it’s dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean after use. The lid incorporates a biodegradable filter to keep odours at bay.

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