Our company upholds a stringent standard of integrity and relevance in our advertising endeavors. To ensure the coherence of our advertising practices, we have established the following guidelines:

  1. Relevance: Advertisements must align with the values and interests of our community and be pertinent to our audience.
  2. Truthfulness: All advertisements should be truthful, accurately representing the products or services offered and devoid of any misleading information.
  3. Respectfulness: Advertisements must refrain from containing offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate content. We strive to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for all users.
  4. Transparency: Any sponsored content or paid promotions must be explicitly labeled as such to maintain transparency for our users.
  5. Compliance: Advertisements must adhere to all pertinent laws and regulations, encompassing those related to consumer protection, data privacy, and fair competition.
  6. User Experience: We prioritize the user experience; thus, advertisements should not impede the functionality of our platform or hinder users’ access to our content.

We retain the right to review and authorize all advertisements, as well as to remove any that do not conform to these guidelines.

For inquiries related to our advertising policy or to submit an advertisement for review, please reach out to our advertising department.

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Advertising Requirements:

  • Minimum article length: Each article should comprise a minimum of 500 words.
  • Number of links: A single link may be included in the article, which must have a “nofollow” attribute.
  • Sponsored tag: Your articles should feature a sponsored tag.
  • Link restrictions: Certain link types such as casino, sports betting, adult, and CBD are restricted.
  • Link permanence: While we cannot guarantee lifetime permanence due to the nature of our business, we offer a one-year guarantee.
  • Payment method: Payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer is acceptable.
  • Post updates: You may update the post once.
  • High-quality media: High-quality images and videos can be uploaded.
  • Featured sponsor post: It is possible to feature a sponsor post on the home page or on all posts with a single click.
  • Boosting index/rank: We can aid in improving your article’s visibility and ranking, guaranteeing the selected keyword’s appearance in the top 5 on the first page of Google search, depending on the category.

Note: Any guest or sponsored post containing false or misleading information will be promptly deleted without notification.

We do not support the promotion of false information.