Comedian Raj Soni Biography, Age, Income, Film and more (2024 Update)

Comedian Raj Soni

Who is Comedian Raj Soni? (Comedian Raj Soni Biography) You must have known comedian Raj Soni, you must have seen his comedy videos on TV or YouTube or on any social media.

Who is comedian Raj Soni and how much does he earn, who is a monkey with him, we will know about the struggle of his life in this article. So let’s know about comedian Raj Soni.

Who is Comedian Raj Soni?

Comedian Raj Soni is a comedian, who hails from Purnia district of Bihar. He currently lives in Mumbai, and has worked with many renowned artists. Also, he is very active on social media so that you can watch his videos every other day. Along with them lives a monkey made of cloth, whose name is Romeo. (Comedian Raj Soni Biography)

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Comedian Raj Soni Biography

NameRaj Soni
BirthplacePurniya, Bihar
Present AddMumbai
ProfessionActing, Comedy, Miming
FamousDressed up monkey comedy with Romeo
Income60k-1 Lakh/M
ChannelComedian Raj Soni
Subscriber3.85m Subscriber in 2024
Comedian Raj Soni Biography
Comedian Raj Soni

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I have seen many videos of comedian Raj Soni. A lot has changed between 5 years ago and now.

The story of comedian Raj Soni begins from Purnia district of Bihar where he has his own house. But it was his dream to go to Dream City i.e. Mumbai and become an actor.

It was in 2015 when he came to Bihar topper in acting. What was it then, after a few days he went to Mumbai, where a person named Ashish told Raj Soni that there is a show of Rafi Club, where the audition of comedians is going on. You can come if you want to come.

First let us tell you that comedian Raj Soni ji used to go on stage to do comedy, at that time he used to be alone, there was no monkey in clothes. But his comedy with the clothed monkey was liked by the people.

Phir Kya Tha comedian Raj Soni went to Rafi club where auditions were going on for comedy night, there was no entry fee. He auditioned with a costumed monkey and made people laugh, the public responded positively and he was selected.

Soon after this, he had told in an interview that “if you keep smiling, the world will be with you, otherwise tears do not find a place even in the eyes.” Keep smiling, be happy.

He took the concept of doing comedy with a dressed up monkey from the serial Raja Rancho. Which he used to like very much in childhood. His parents helped him a lot in this.

Johnny Lever, Rajesh Srivastava, Sunil Pal, Ehsan Qureshi, Vivpin Sachdeva were his idols. Comedian Raj Soni has also met these people and done shows.

He then auditioned for the TV round in Akshay Kumar’s show Laughter Challenge. At that time Shyam Rangila was very famous for taking out the voice of Modi ji. But the Laughter Challenge needed a YouTube type comedian. That’s why comedian Raj Soni did TV round shows only.

Comedian Raj Soni Film.

Comedian Raj Soni has also worked in Bhojpuri Movie, Bollywood Movie, Web Series and Short Film.

Comedian Raj Soni Income

Now let’s talk about how much comedian Raj Soni earns in a month or a year. Apart from doing films, web series, short films, they also go to weddings, parties, functions, ceremonies. And mostly appear in TV programs. But now he has a YouTube channel named “Comedian Raj Soni”, on this channel he uploads short videos with Bandar Romeo.

From this it can be estimated that how much they earn in a month. However, the income will not always be the same. Or in addition, if they may have some other source of income.

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