How to Earn Money for Free: 10 Insanely Effective Methods Revealed!

How to Make Money free

Need Extra Cash? Check Out These Free Money Making Techniques! The Ultimate Guide to Free Money-Making Techniques! Today’s post is about how to earn money for free. We will share some good ideas that you can use to make money without spending anything. Money is important for everyone, regardless of their financial status.

In this post, I will share some ways for you to earn money from home by doing online work. You don’t need to invest any money, and anyone can do these jobs. If you’re unemployed, you can do them full-time. If you have a job, you can do them in your free time and still earn well.

Even today, many people doubt the possibility of earning money online for free. However, after reading this post, you will also be convinced that it is indeed possible. If you are interested in learning how to make money for free, then I encourage you to read this post in its entirety. It provides detailed information on the topic. So, let’s explore the various ways to earn money for free together!

What is needed to earn money for free?

Friends, here I would like to tell you one thing clearly that there are only 2 ways to earn money for free in the world. First online method and second offline method.

Although there are many ways to earn money offline, including government jobs, private jobs and your own business, but in many of these works you have to pay money, that is, you have to invest something. There are many such works in offline which you can do for free like you work at someone’s place and he gives you money.

But here we will only talk about earning money online, that too for free. But to earn money for free from online internet, you will need some things because without these it is not possible to earn money for free from internet, so let us first know what things you will need to earn money for free. This is a kind of investment. Without which you cannot do anything. Education is also a kind of investment. In which you spend money first, then later you get a job or do business according to your eligibility.

  • Mobile or laptop/computer
  • Internet connection
  • E mail ID
  • Bank account
  • ATM, Credit Card/Debit Card

Friends, the methods that I will tell you in this post will be absolutely free, in which you will not need to spend a single $ and you will keep earning money for free for a long time, so without delay, know “How to make money for free?”

Earn money for free by doing tuition sitting at home

Friends, if you are an educated person or a student, then tuition is also a very good way for you to earn money for free, you can do this work both online and offline and earn a lot of money for yourself. .

If you want to do this work online, then you can make YouTube videos for it or if you think that you cannot do this work, then you can call children at home and get tuition and earn by taking fees.

But to do this work, you need to have a good knowledge of education, the better you can educate children, the more you can take money as fees, which ranges from Rs 400 to a thousand or more. Could

Earn money for free by creating a channel on Youtube

Youtube is the most popular way in the world from where you can earn money for free. Here all you have to do is make a video and upload it on Youtube. If you know how to make videos, then you can do this work very easily, in which there is no investment of even a single rupee.

Because on Youtube you can create your Youtube Channel for free and upload your videos there. Here many such people have started their Youtube Channel. So if you know how to make videos then it will be a great thing even if you don’t know then you can learn easily from internet.

Earn money for free by blogging on Google

Make Money From Website

Blogging is such a topic that people start like a business and earn money for free, but whatever information is given on the internet, most of the people talk about earning money by creating a blog on WordPress.

That includes buying hosting and domains. But if you want, you can earn better by creating a free blog on Blogger, where even a single rupee will not be charged. is a product made by Google itself which gives you this facility. In which you also get free sub domain and no hosting is required here.

If you have a passion for writing, then you can start blogging and be successful in it, although this blogging is not an easy task, but with the help of internet, you can do it. You can earn lots of money for free without spending a single rupee.

Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing For Free

Affiliate Marketing simply means promoting another product for which you have to join Affiliate Program of some companies which is absolutely free like there are millions of companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Ezoic, Hostinger. You can promote their products by joining their Affiliate Program.

If someone buys their products from your affiliate link, you will get commission. If you have an active user on social media or blog or channel, then you can do affiliate marketing and earn money for free.

Earn Money By Freelancing Online

Freelancing is a skill based job where you can earn money for free on the basis of your talent and skills like you are expert in any work whether it is video making, content writing, photo making, singing, dancing , It includes many things.

By doing all these work for others, you can earn money for free from it, today there are many people who get all these work done by other people, for which they also get a lot of money. In today’s time, there are many such websites available on the internet where you just have to create your account.

Like –,, and many more freelancing sites. Where you just have to register and you will start getting work, here you can charge money according to your time in which you get money by the hour. So if you have any skill and want to earn money from freelancing then you can do this work.

Earn money for free by Refer And Earn

Refer And Earn is also a better way to earn money for free where you can join many Refer And Earn Websites and Apps for free and take out its referral link and share it anywhere and get good referrals from here. You don’t even need to spend money to earn money from referrals,

There are many such apps and websites available on the internet which include Upstox App, Ezoic, Paytm Money App, Phone Pe, Google Pay, etc., which you can join for free.

If it is a matter of making users on the Internet, then you can use any social media, you can use blog or YouTube, you can do email marketing. By referring, you can earn a lot of money for free, just you have to share the referral link, whoever clicks on that link, you will get referral commission which can be from Rs.100 to Rs.500.

Earn Money with URL Shortener for Free

URL shortener is a type of website that shortens any URL. When a user clicks on this short URL, he first sees an advertisement of 5 seconds. And you get money for watching these ads, here you get money according to the click, that means whatever URL you shorten and share somewhere, the more users click on your link, the more money you will get.

At present, there are many such sites on the Internet, which give an opportunity to earn money for free by shortening the URL in this way. Before shortening any URL, you have to create an account on these sites, in which you can easily create an account by giving email id and your information. Friends, to earn good money from this URL shortener, you must have some users, whether that user is on social media, youtube or blog/website, because the more users you have, the more clicks your link will get.

Earn money for free by playing games

A better way to earn money for free is to earn money by playing games where you can download some cool games from the internet and play them and win good money. Be it ludo game, teen patti game or earn money by playing IPL game, everywhere you will get very good money, just you should know how to play the game.

If we talk about IPL itself, here people win crores of rupees in a match, for which not much money is spent, “entry is hardly up to 50 rupees”. But in this game also luck has a little hand, where there is a difference between winning and losing. But the players who play the game don’t worry about the defeat because the game means defeat and victory which you decide with your mind.

Many people don’t like IPL game then you can play teen patti game, ludo game free fire game. You can play only those games in which you are more interested. You get the option of referral in almost every game.

In this way you can play any game for free, in this post I have given more information about “earn money by playing games” and how to earn money by playing online games.

How to Make Money free

Earn money for free by doing online surveys

There is a way to earn money online for free for students and housewives, which is running very fast on the internet nowadays, and can earn well from it. For this, there are many survey companies on the internet, which give you some popular products and services, where you just have to give your opinion in it and earn money from it.

Now there will be a question in your mind that, how much you can earn from survey, here you can earn 500 to 100 rupees daily, here you will get survey everyday.

Make Money for Free on

Fiverr is the best way to earn money for free where you can do any work according to your skill, you do this work for others. In return, that person gives you money. Here all the work is done online, so that you can do it sitting at home.

If you have any skill that you can do for others then you can earn well from Fiverr, we told you above how to earn money from freelancing, this website is one of those freelancing websites where you will get many Online jobs are available.

Where you can do the work of your choice, for this you just have to go to this website of and complete your profile by creating an account here, after which you will start getting many jobs, from which you can earn money.

Earn money for free by writing articles

If you know how to do content writing for a blog, then you can do this work for which you have to find a blogger who is looking for someone to write an article, then you can do the work of writing an article for him.

Many people face this problem that they are not getting anyone for whom they can write articles, for this you can message or comment on different websites on the internet, whoever needs them will hire you.

You can decide the charge of writing an article yourself, you will get money according to the type of article you know how to write. Here a good article writer charges up to 80 paise for one word, where you can earn up to 20 to 50 thousand. Also it depends on what kind of article you write and how much you can write in a day, which is the best way to earn money for free without any investment.

Blogging topic Ideas

Earn money for free through social media

Friends, nowadays almost everyone knows that money is being earned from social media, but very few people know how to earn money from social media for free, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. Where you can earn lakhs of crores for free.

Here many people may have a doubt that how money is earned from this, so I try to explain it in brief. Friends, to earn money from any social media, you have to create an account on that social media and put some such content there.

Which people like so that people follow you on social media and become your friends. When you have some good followers, you can earn money for free in many ways like affiliate marketing, social media earning, selling your product, promoting a company’s brand without costing even a single rupee .

Earn Money Free Through Mobile App

If you are willing to make videos then there are some apps in which you can earn by making videos. Like Moj App, Tiki App etc. This is a kind of short video sharing platform where you can create and share videos up to 30 seconds, here some apps will give you the feature of monetization but in some you will not get the feature of monetization.

If you are not enjoying making videos, then you can use some such apps, in which money is earned from transactions like refer and earn, money transfer, mobile recharge, etc., because today you can earn a lot of money from referrals as well. Huh. For which you can use apps like Upstox App, Paytm Money App. How to Invest in Stocks, Strategies and risk management methods

Conclusion – How to make money for free

So friends, this was “about how to make money for free” some special information in which you learned how to make money for free from YouTube, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, URL Shortener, Apps and Websites etc. from which you can earn money. Hope you have liked this information about “How to make money for free”, so that you can make a means of earning money for free by adopting these methods without any investment. If you liked this information then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media.

What is the best way to earn money for free?

There is no better way than best Youtube to earn money for free, here you can create free channel and earn free in every way.

What work can I do sitting at home?

You can earn good money by working online from home. For this you can use methods like Youtube, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing.

Can I do online business from home?

Yes, for this we have given 15 ways in this post which you can use.