Is sprouted garlic safe to eat?

sprouted garlic

Properly stored garlic can last up to six months in a cool, dark, and ventilated area. Sprouted garlic is safe to eat, and the decision to remove the sprout is personal preference. It may slightly alter flavor and sharpness due to natural aging. Moldy garlic should be discarded, while sprouted garlic is suitable for cooking, although its flavor may be slightly different. Sprouted garlic is safe to consume and can enhance culinary creations with proper storage and preparation.

Choosing High-Quality Garlic

When selecting garlic, opt for firm heads with tight, smooth skin and no mushy or hollow cloves. Look for weight and ensure the cloves are not damaged. Quality garlic should feel heavy for its size and have dry, unbroken skin. This indicates freshness and good storage conditions, which are crucial for maintaining flavor and nutritional value.

Shelf Life of Garlic

Garlic can last up to six months when stored in a cool, dark, and dry area with proper ventilation. Avoid storing it in the refrigerator or sealed containers, as the lack of airflow can lead to mold and sprouting. Properly stored garlic not only lasts longer but also retains its flavor and texture, making it a valuable ingredient in cooking.

Sprouted Garlic

Sprouted garlic occurs when it starts to produce additional garlic due to exposure to heat, light, or moisture. It is safe to consume, and the decision to remove or use the green sprout is personal. Some people prefer to remove the sprout as it can have a slightly bitter taste, while others consume it without removing the sprout as it does not pose any health risks.

Healthy Consumption

Sprouted garlic is safe to eat, but moldy garlic is not. Remove bulbs showing bluish-green discoloration, as this is a sign of mold. The sprouted garlic may have a slightly diminished flavor and increased sharpness due to the natural aging process, but it is still suitable for use in cooking. When using sprouted garlic, consider adjusting the quantity to accommodate the potential change in flavor.

Flavor of Sprouted Garlic

Due to its age, the taste of sprouted garlic is slightly diminished, and the sharpness may have increased. It is recommended to remove bitter sprouts when making dishes where the garlic flavor is prominent, such as in garlic bread or garlic-infused oils. For milder dishes, the sprouted garlic can still be used without affecting the overall flavor significantly.


Do not let the fear of sprouted garlic discourage you from purchasing it. It is safe to consume, and with proper storage and preparation, the sprouted cloves can elevate your culinary creations. For those interested in gardening, sprouting garlic cloves can even be planted to grow your own garlic crop, ensuring a fresh and sustainable source of this versatile ingredient.

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