What are Browser Cookies, How it Work and Why Internet Cookies Matter

What are Browser Cookies: Have you ever thought about why you don’t need to type in your login details every time you go to a site like Facebook or Gmail? It’s all thanks to internet browser cookies. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at what they are.

Cookies are little bits of information that websites save on your computer. They’re like memories that help the website remember what you do on it. To explain it better, let’s use an example from the movie Ghajini starring Aamir Khan. Just like Aamir Khan’s character in the movie has trouble remembering things, cookies also work in a similar way. When you go to a website, it saves details about what you like and what you do.

What are Cookies?

When you go to a website, have you noticed that you don’t have to choose your language or type in your email and password every time? That’s because of cookies. Cookies remember what you did on a website and keep that information in your web browser. But cookies only last for a certain amount of time and can only hold a limited amount of data (measured in KB) before they expire or are deleted. Let’s explore cookies in more detail.

Cookies are small files made by websites you visit. They save information on your computer, like your language or location preferences. When you go back to a site, Firefox sends the relevant cookies, so the site can show you personalized information.

In simpler terms, website cookies are files containing data stored on our computer. Only the browser can read this data, which may include settings like login information, display preferences, language, and more. Cookies also help save time.

What are Browser Cookies

As I mentioned before, website cookies save time. When we browse the internet, the browser sends cookies to the websites we visit so we don’t have to repeat the same settings or actions if we go back to the same site.

A website uses cookies to remember your preferences and save time. For example, when you log in to a social media or online shopping site, you don’t have to re-enter your email, password, or language settings every time. If you set your preferred language as Indian, the site will remember this for your next visit.

How Long Do Cookies Last?

Cookies have a set expiration date determined by the website. When a cookie remains active past its expiration date, it will be removed. The expiration date is typically based on the website’s yearly rules or user choices.

Additionally, a cookie file is very small, usually limited to 4096 bytes (4 KB) per visit on a website. There is also a maximum for the total number of cookies stored on the user’s device, typically around three hundred cookies. Once this limit is reached, an old cookie will be deleted to make space for a new one.

Some cookies, called session cookies, are used for storing temporary settings. They are mainly used to customize the user experience, but they are not essential for long-term storage.

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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small processes created by websites that store and secure your information on your browser. These cookies help your browser recall the same information when you revisit the website.

How Long Do Cookies Stay Stored?

The validity or expiration period of cookies is determined by the website. If a cookie reaches its expiration or validity date, it is typically cleared. This usually depends on the website’s policies or user regulations.

Do Cookies Affect My Privacy?

Cookies are mostly harmless and unnecessary. They are used by websites to enhance the user experience and provide better personalized services. Privacy concerns related to cookies are regularly reviewed to ensure the protection of your personal information.

Can I Disable Cookies?

Yes, your browser allows you to control cookies. You can accept, reject, or remove cookies through your browser settings. This can be customized according to your preferences and the website’s intentions.

Can I Permanently Delete Cookies?

Yes, you can delete cookies by accessing your browsing history and cookies tab in your browser. You can also set your browser preferences to clear cookies automatically according to your desired settings.

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