What should I check when buying solar panels? Don’t Buy Without Reading

Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Panels: Things to consider when buying a solar panel, discussing what a solar panel system is. This will help you understand key factors for purchasing a quality solar panel.

What is solar system panel

Solar systems – The set of all equipment required to generate electricity with the help of solar energy is called Solar systems. Such as inverter, battery, solar plate, solar charger, etc.

Solar Panel – Solar panel is also known as solar plate. There are many small cells inside the solar plate, on which if the sun’s rays fall, then these cells convert that solar energy into electricity.

But this solar plate gives electricity in DC current instead of giving electricity in AC current used in our house. So we need an inverter to convert this DC to AC current.

If you want to have backup power at your home, you will need to install a battery to use the electronic devices even after a power cut.

When we go to buy all these equipments from the market, we have many questions related to Solar Panel companies. For instance, we need to choose a company that provides all the equipment used in solar systems.

Luminous is a company that offers solar products like Mono and Poly Solar Panels, Solar UPS, Solar Inverter, Solar Charger, Controller, and Battery. This company provides various solar solutions as well as many electrical home appliances.

If you ever feel unsure about which size solar system to install, you can easily visit their website and download the solar calculator for free. This will help you.

What should I check when buying solar panels?

When purchasing solar panels, consider the panel type, anti-PID technology, BIS certification, packaging, warranty, frame sealing, back sheet class, glass quality, low-light performance, test reports, connectors and cells, EVA layer, and technical details sticker with IP rating. These factors will help you make a quality purchase.

Solar Panel Price

Solar PanelPrice
Mono Solar Panel$200 – $500
Poly Solar Panel$150 – $400
LUMINOUS Mono Panel$250 – $600
LUMINOUS Poly Panel$200 – $500
Premium Mono Panel$300 – $700
Premium Poly Panel$250 – $600
High Efficiency Panel$400 – $900
Ultra High Efficiency$500 – $1200
Bifacial Panel$600 – $1500
Flexible Panel$300 – $700

Anti-PID Technology

This technology is largely overlooked, but it is a very important point inside a solar panel. So if you want your solar panel to give you more power in output, you should check for this Anti-PID technology while buying the panels.

If the solar plate does not have anti-PID technology, some of the power generated by the solar panel will go to waste.

BIS Sticker

BIS Sticker – Before buying any solar panel, you must see this BIS certification sticker, this BIS sticker tells us that this solar panel has gone through many different types of testing and is a good solar panel.

And if we talk about the LUMINOUS panel, then we get to see both PID technology and BIS certification.

Type of packaging

Type of packaging – You should check whether the packaging of the solar panels you are buying is proper to handle the transportation. Solar Plate Thickness- Secured with 5 ply layering. The panel is also given corner protection.

Solar System panel warranty

Warranty on the Panel – Make sure to check the warranty of the solar panel you are going to get. LUMINOUS SOLAR PLATE COMPANY gives us product warranty of up to 5 years for solar panels below 300Watts and performance warranty of 12 years and up to 25 years for panels above 300Watts.

Aluminum frame ceiling

Aluminum frame sealing – A solar panel from a good company comes with an aluminum frame which is sealed with the help of a sealant, so that the solar panel can avoid air bubbles, dust and moisture. And the aluminum frame also maintains the sturdiness of the solar module.

AAA Back Sheet Class

AAA Back Sheet Class- All types of solar plates are placed on top of one type of sheet. This helps strengthen the panel. All LUMINOUS solar panels have AAA back sheet class, which is very helpful to extend the life and efficiency of the panels.

High Quality Anti-reflective Glass

High quality anti-reflective glass – If the solar panel is from a good company, then the glass of your solar panel should have an anti-reflective film. It improves the transmission of the panel by reducing the reflections on the surface of the glass.

Performance in low sunlight

Low Sunlight Performance – Also note that solar panels can give excellent performance in low sunlight. The solar panels are designed with high quality glass and the like, which can give better performance and efficiency even in low light conditions.

Test report behind panel

Test Report Behind the Panel- A good solar company always submits a performance report. With the help of this performance report, you can see how the panel performs over time. Like – morning, afternoon, evening time.

Premium MC4 Connector

Premium MC4 Connector – If you want a good and secure connection, the panel should already have an MC4 connector. LUMINOUS already provides MC4 connector and 1 meter DC wire to its panel.

Grade A Solar Cell

Grade A Solar Cells – The solar cells in the panel need to be checked to see if they are Grade A cells or not. Because Grade A cells are the latest technology that allows a solar panel to generate up to 5% more power.

Junction Box – The junction box is the part of the solar panel where the solar connection is connected. So the junction box must be waterproof, meaning the junction box must also be with IP67.

EVA ethylene vinyl acetate

EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate – Eliminates damage between the solar cell and tempered glass, providing superior protection. This EVA layer plays a very important role in the panel.

Technical details on the sticker behind the panel – On the back sheet of the panel, technical details stickers can be seen, such as Vmp, Voc, Isc, Imp, Wattage Rating etc.

IP67 Rated Solar Panel – This point tells you the IP rating of the solar panel whether the solar panel is waterproof and dustproof or not.

With the help of this article, you must have understood what are solar system and solar panels and what are the features that can be looked for in a better solar panel. Hope you have got answers to many questions related to buying solar panels today.

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