The Significance of Winter Season in India: Health, Festivals and Natural Splendor

Winter Season in India

India is a country of diverse seasons, with six distinct seasons that persist throughout the year. The six seasons in India are Spring, Monsoon, Autumn, Summer, Winter, and Hemant. The Winter season arrives after the autumn season and concludes with the beginning of the Spring season. The winter season in India is characterized by extremely cold weather.

Winter Season in India

The winter season occurs from the month of November to February. In India, the cold that begins in November turns into severe cold as December approaches. Days are relatively short and nights are long during the winter season. The warmth of the sun, which people find unpleasant in the summer season, becomes extremely delightful in the winter season for everyone.

To protect themselves from the cold, many people enjoy sitting by a fire. Winter season brings about significant changes in the environment compared to other seasons. The temperature diminishes significantly, the winds blow at a brisk pace, days become shorter, and nights become longer.

Sometimes, due to dense clouds, fog, and mist, it seems impossible to see the sun. During the winter season, drying wet clothes becomes quite troublesome. Fog and mist are very common during the winter season, causing more traffic and accidents on the roads. To protect ourselves from the cold, we should wear warm clothes and stay indoors. Due to the excessive cold in the winter season, many birds migrate and animals go into hibernation.

Reason for the Arrival of the Winter Season:

In India, the onset of the winter season varies according to the movements of the earth’s regions and the sun’s orbit around its own axis. Everyone knows that the Earth revolves around the sun throughout the year. The revolution of the Earth on its axis is what plays a crucial role in the changing weather and seasons.

When the Earth revolves around the northern hemisphere, there is winter in the northern hemisphere. The seasons change when the Earth rotates around the sun. The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees on its axis. For the people in the southern hemisphere, the months of June, July, and August are winters. The winter season in India is deeply connected to the Himalayan mountains. When it snows in the Himalayas and the winds start blowing from the northern direction, the winter season arrives in India.

Natural Scenes:

During winter, mountainous regions appear very beautiful as they are covered in a blanket of snow, presenting a stunning natural spectacle. Snow on objects resembles pearls. The sunrise during the winter season brings out various colors of flowers and gives a new look to the environment. Due to the low temperature, winter days are very pleasant. December and January are the coldest months, making us feel very uncomfortable because of the extreme cold weather.

This season is the best time for long trips and tourism. Winter attracts the highest number of tourists in India and also invites beautiful birds into the enchanting sky.

Significance of the Winter Season:

The winter season is of great significance in our lives. In India, the winter season is the most important season that begins with the autumnal equinox and culminates with the vernal equinox. It is a season that builds health, although it is detrimental for the growth of plants and trees.

The winter season also offers an array of enjoyable activities. We can partake in ice-skating, ice-biking, ice-hockey, skiing, snowball fighting, building snowmen, and snow-castle making. Walking in the morning during the winter season is very healthy. We can work for extended hours during winters, unlike in summers.

The winter season is very important for farmers as the quality of their crops and produce enhance during this season. The presence of dew drops on green leaves is a common sight during winters.

Distinctive Features of the Winter Season:

The winter season brings about significant changes compared to other seasons, such as longer nights, shorter days, cold weather, chilly winds, snowfall, winter storms, cold rain, dense fog, mist, and very low temperatures. Sometimes, the temperature can drop as low as 1 degree Celsius in January. The peak of winter is characterized by extreme cold.

Cold winds start blowing from November. As the cold intensifies, winter vacations are announced in schools. People are more energetic and active during the winter, and even after working long hours, they do not get tired.

There is more mist and fog in the morning, making it difficult to see anything. It takes longer for trains to operate during the winter season. Due to the higher level of frost on the roads, people fear stepping out of their homes in the morning.

During the winter season, many people sit by fires. The winter season is a good time for warm meals, fruits, sweets, and delicious dishes. In this season, more tea is consumed compared to other seasons. Green vegetables are more abundant during this period. Many festivals also take place during winter.

Challenges for the Poor:

The winter season poses many challenges for the poor as they lack warm clothing and adequate shelter. It is particularly distressing for them, and they generally do not have the money to buy warm blankets, sweaters, or quilts. They experience relief from the warmth of a fire. For the government, the establishment of shelters becomes necessary for the homeless and destitute due to lack of facilities.

The extreme cold affects the poor greatly, and they often suffer from colds and coughs. The absence of conveniences leads to health problems, and sometimes, the harsh winter causes death among the poor. The lack of belongings like warm clothing and shelter intensifies the struggle and pain for the poor during the winter season.

Health Beneficial Season:

During the winter season, people have strong digestive power and can easily enjoy proper meals. It is important to pay attention to good food habits during this period owing to the low temperature. The skin becomes rough due to the low temperature, so special care of the skin is given during this time. Bathing with warm water along with oil massage is considered very beneficial.

Green Vegetables, Flowers, and Fruits:

The winter season is of great importance due to the abundance of green vegetables. During the winter season, we easily obtain coriander, fenugreek, carrots, peas, brinjal, and radish. This period also offers an abundance of winter vegetables such as cabbage, beans, peas, cauliflower, potatoes, radish, carrots, tomatoes, and bottle gourds.

The winter season presents enchanting scenes of snowy weather. People visit mountainous areas to enjoy these sights. The winter season also sees an abundance of beautiful flowers like marigold, dahlias, sunflowers, roses, and chrysanthemums. The winter season hosts several essential festivals. The season also showcases health-promoting and favorite fruits such as oranges, guavas, chickoos, papayas, amlas, grapes, and carrots.

The Message of the Winter Season in Life:

The winter season inspires us to face life’s struggles with courage. Our lives usually remain normal during the autumn season, but our struggles intensify during the winter season. Just like how we experience the joy of spring after the winter season, similarly, in life, we experience the joy of success after facing struggles. This is the message that the winter season conveys to us.


The winter season is a picturesque and useful season. It is challenging to work during this season, although the sun is suitable for work, and we enjoy sitting in the sun. Everything looks fresh and beautiful in the winter season.

This season is very refreshing and delightful, and the beautiful scenes of snowfall are mesmerizing to witness. The winter season enhances the beauty of green vegetables, flowers, and fruits. The winter season is also an essential period for various festivals. It signifies the importance of facing struggles in life, which eventually leads to success.

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